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A Balance Unit for patients with dizziness, vertigo, and instability is now operational in Torre del Mar. This is made possible thanks to the collaboration of GEMYV (Specialized Group in Dizziness and Vertigo) and Manolo Rincón, a renowned entrepreneur in the healthcare sector in Málaga.

This unit has its origins in Dr. Irene Mayorga, who, in her professional practice as an otolaryngologist, realized that there was a particularly complex profile of patients to diagnose and treat. These were dizzy patients, many of whom had gone through different medical specialties, even some referred by their fellow otolaryngologists. In describing their condition, these patients indicated that, despite trying numerous treatments and therapies, their lives were still greatly limited by their stability problems.

In response to this need, she decided to specialize in otoneurology, which leads the clinical approach to these patients.

However, both scientific evidence and clinical practice indicated that medical treatment alone was not sufficient for many of these patients. To achieve effective results, an additional component was required: vestibular rehabilitation, so named because of the fundamental role played by the inner ear vestibule in balance.

It was then that Dr. Mayorga contacted physiotherapist Lorena Alba and her then intern Alejandro Utrera. Both accepted the challenge of training in this relatively new discipline in Spain and began treating patients at the Hospital de la Axarquía.

One more professional was needed to complete the team. Physiotherapist Marian Ortega, Alejandro’s colleague, who had coincidentally suffered from dizziness for years, so she did not hesitate to learn more about this new discipline within physiotherapy.

Thus, this group of professionals was formed, and today they are introducing themselves in this first blog entry, where they aim to share their experience and exchange information with patients, colleagues, and anyone interested in regaining their balance.

Due to the complexity of diagnosing and rehabilitating conditions related to vertigo and dizziness, teams capable of accurately analyzing the various systems involved in balance are required. This analysis enables a better medical and functional diagnosis and, in the case of rehabilitation, precise adjustment of multisensory stimulus dosing, a key element in balance retraining.

The necessary equipment represented a significant investment, and that’s when entrepreneur Manolo Rincón came into the picture. Thanks to his vocation and experience in the healthcare sector, he understood the difficult situation of these patients, some of whom had suffered debilitating dizziness for years. He decided to finance and incorporate into his new project Policlínica Rincón Salud 101, a balance unit with the most advanced technology.

Now it’s just a matter of making it known. A place where everything is ready to understand, diagnose, and treat people with these sometimes complex pathologies and accompany them in their recovery process.